Slick Rock Circus was formed in late 2016 in Friedrichshafen (Southern Germany) by Alex (g), Pat (b) & Stacee (v) with the aim to blend solid Rock ’N’ Roll power with a positive, life-affirming message as well as an undeniably bold and inspirational musical package.

Combining blazing Hard Rock, Punk and Metal, Slick Rock Circus erupts with a distinct Sleaze Rock debut that perfectly captures the influences of the stunning 80's rock bands, without simply being a pale imitation.

The EP was recorded at the band’s own „Dark Room Studio“ and mixed & mastered at the „Sky Studio“ Munich by Bobby Altvater (already known for his work with bands like Bonfire, Jaded Heart, Shameless and W.A.S.P).

The songs were recorded and mixed in a way that kept the roots of Slick Rock Circus and produced an excellent piece of traditional Sleaze Rock that original fans of this kind of music will definitely appreciate.

SLICK ROCK CIRCUS are: Pat (v,b), Alex (g,bv), Claus (g,bv) and Klaus (dr)